Vantage Access 3G Remote Weather Monitoring Davis Weather DA600AU

This rugged telemetry unit lets you see your weather data in some of the most demanding places in Australia.

Updating every minute, the Access transmits data via the #G network allowing you to access your data from anywhere you can receive an internet connection

The Vantage Access will let you see what the weather is doing in your stations location from a simple click of the mouse or via the free iPhone/android app.

All you need to do is connect this telemetry unit with an Integrated Sensor Suite that suits your needs.

With either a 6322AU , 6327AU , 6323AU or a 6328AU

Features include:

- Rugged powder coated steel enclosure
- 24 hour fan to assist in hot climates and reduce condensation
- 40 watt solar panel mutli-stage charging, load protect and low voltage disconnect/reconnect
- 40 A/H battery to keep your station running even on grey days.
- Internal Digital timer for programmable Modem hard reboot
- Quad band 3.5dB external antenna (can add further off the shelf higher gain antenna if required)
- 3G modem with 2 configured Ethernet ports.
- Data is sent every 1 ½ minutes to
- Download your data via the weatherlink servers for historical records or locally from the device.

All that is required is to purchase your own SIM from your telecommunications provider. The system only uses around 60-100MB per month giving you the freedom of going on either a low cost data plan or prepaid option.

• 400mm x 400mm x 200mm
• Powder Coated Steel
• Active Fan Cooled
• Digital Load Timer - 8 Day programmable
Charge Controller
• Continuous load / charge current: 20A
• Electronic Blocking: Yes
• Battery reverse polarity protection: Yes
• Overcharge & Over-discharge protection: Yes
• Battery status LED indiction: 5-state LED Indications
• Charging status indiction: 3-state LCD Display
• Operating ambient temperature: -10 to 50°C
• Over temperature protection: Yes
• Battery charging float voltage setting: Adjustable from 12.0-15.0V
• Battery charging bulk voltage setting: Adjustable from 12.0-16.0V
• DC load control mode ( For DC load terminal)
• Low Voltage Disconnect(LVD): 8-16V
• Low Voltage Reconnect(LVR): 8-16V
• Nominal Volltage 12 volts (6 cells)
• Nominal Capacity
20-hr. (2.06A to 10.80 volts) 41.6 AH
10-hr. (4.00A to 10.80 volts) 40.0 AH
8-hr. (4.69A to 10.50 volts) 37.5 AH
5-hr. (6.30A to 10.50 volts) 31.5 AH
3-hr. (10.4A to 10.50 volts) 31.2 AH
1-hr. (24.4A to 9.60 volts) 24.4 AH
• Approximate Weight 28.67 lbs. (13.0 kg)
• Energy Density (10-hr. rate) 1.63 W-h/in3 (99.41 W-h/l) Specific
Energy (10-hr. rate) 17.41 W-h/lb (38.39 W-h/kg) Internal Resistance
(approx.) 9.0 milliohms
• Max Short-Duration Discharge Current (10 Sec.) 124.8 amperes
• Shelf Life (% of nominal capacity at 68°F (20°C)
1 Month 97%
3 Months 91%
6 Months 83%
• Operating Temperature Range
• Charge -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C)
• Discharge -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C)
• Case ABS Plastic (UL94 V-O flame retardant)
• Dimensions (mm) L: 10.04 (255) W: 3.82 (97) H: 7.99 (203) HT: 7.99 (203)

PV Panel
• 40watt
• Nominal V: 12V
• Max V: 18V
• Max A: 2.23
• Dimensions: 550 x 635 x 35 mm
• Weight: 5.0kg
• 25 Year Output Warranty.

• Supports 64/128 bits WEP, 802.1x, WPA and WPA2
• Supports WDS
• TKIP, AES encryption
• Supports WPA1/2- 802.1x
• Supports access with username and password
• Supports access control base WAN/LAN interface
• Supports access control base source IP address
• Defence DOS attack, supports SYN flooding, IP surfing, ping of
death, fragile, teardrop, land
• Supports PAP and CHAP
• Supports IP filtering
Advanced Firewall Features
• Network Address Translation (NAT)
• Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
• VPN Pass-through
Media Access Control
• CSMA/CA with ACK
• Radius Client
• 1 x 10/100M LAN port (RJ45 interface)
• 1 x 10/100M WAN port (RJ45 interface) configurable as 2nd LAN
Serial port
• RS232 built-in terminal block interface
IO port
• 2
AT command
• Supported
UIM/SIM Card Slot
• Supports 1.8/3V UIM/SIM cards, one sim card slot
Power supply
• DC5V-40V, typical DC9V1A or 12V 1A, 12V car use supported
Power consumption
• Idle 22mA@12VDC
• Max 208mA@12VDC
• Average 125mA@12VDC
• Idle 1.2W@12VDC
• Max 2.5W@12VDC
• Average 2W@12VDC
Device Management
• WEB interface (Internet Explorer v6 or later, Mozilla Firefox v1.5 or
later, Chrome, Opera, Safari or other Java-enabled browsers)
Operating Temperature
• Storage -40°C to 85°C
• Working -30°C to 75°C
• 95% Maximum (non-condensing)

Regulatory Compliance
• RCM*, FCC, CE, RoHS (* Effective 1st March 2013, the C-Tick and
A-Tick marks are consolidated into a single compliance mark, RCM.
Fore more information, visit the ACMA website)

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Vantage Access 3G Remote Weather Monitoring Davis

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