Davis Remote CDMA Telemetry With Solar & UV

The Davis Remote CDMA Telemetry Station sends it's weather data via the CDMA ( upgradeable to 3G ) network to a web server where the data is stored in a MySQL data base. The stored data can be retreived at any time in csv, tab delimated or graphical format. The station can also be accessed via your mobile phone? Simply text the station and it will text you back up to the minute weather stats. Alarm sets can be programed EG Dew Point, Wind Speed, etc and the station will text one or more mobile phones when the alarm set is reached. The Station is powered via BP Solar Cells and can be deployed in remote area for years with little maintenance.

This station is capable of monitoring:

·         Temperature

·         Humidity

·         Dew Point

·         Wind Chill

·         Heat Index

·         Rain fall

·         Wind Speed

·         Wind Direction

·         Barometric Pressure

·         Solar Radiation

·         UV Index

·         Station Power Usage

·         Optional Soil Moisture ( up 4 sensors )

·         Optional Soil Temperature ( up to 4 sensors )

·         Optional Leaf Wetness ( up to 2 sensors )

·         Optional External Temperature sensor

·         Optional External Humidity Sensor

·         Optional Lightning Tracking

·         Optional Remote Camera

·         Optional Remote Relay Switching for Irrigation, etc.

For more information contact Sales:

Phone: (02) 4844 5401

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Davis Remote CDMA Telemetry With Solar & UV

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